Q1: Can I have a sample order?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test quality, customized is avaliable.

Q2: What about lead time?

A: Sample order need 7-10days, mass production time need negotiation.

Q3: Is it ok to print my Logo on product?

A: OK, need customer to provide their packaging or we make neutral packaging.

Q4: What devices can Ansun power station run?

A: With Ansun constant power output design technology in ECO & SPORT working mode, Max can power devices up to 1200W. However, SPORT working mode is not applicable for all electrical appliances, some 600-1800W appliances with strict voltage requirements may not function. In addition, if the instantaneous power of the electrical appliance exceeds 1200W (with the SPORT function turned off), exceeding 1800W (with the SPORT function turned on) will also cause the power supply to be overloaded and unusable. (eg. air conditioners/fridge-freezer/microwave/oven).

Q5: How long will Ansun run my device?

A: Generally, run time ≈ XXXWh*0.90/operating wattage of your device. The inverter efficiency of different output power is different, so the use time of the electrical appliance is also different according to the different efficiency.

Q6: Why does the battery lose power when not in use?

A: The unit may be in standby mode where the power supply, remember to turn off all switch, then long press the power button to turn the unit completely off. If the unit loses power when completely off, try recharging it to 100% and use it to 0% two or three times to calibrate the battery. If the problem persists, please contact customer support.


[1]. Upgrade to the latest firmware on the Ansun app to enjoy a better user experience;

[2]. Appliances have been tested on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to power heavy-duty devices, please conduct a full test;

[3]. When Ansun working in temperature (≤0℃ or ≥ 40℃) , When the system detects that the temperature of the battery cell is lower than 0℃ or exceeds 65°C, all output ports will be turn off, to ensure the safety of the cell. When the temperature is restored, the system recovers automatically.

[4]. Store in dry and well-ventilated place. If exposed or used in a humid environment for a long time (E.g. seaside), we recommend you use a waterproof bag to keep your battery dry.

[5]. If you accidentally drop the product into water or spill water on the battery during use, please place it in a safe open area, and stay away from it until it is completely dry. The dried product should not be used again.


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